Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (MLPR), Autumn 2021

Machine learning is about developing algorithms that adapt their behaviour to data, to provide useful representations or make predictions. This course is for those wanting to research and develop machine learning methods in future. Those who want a more practical course, focussing more on using methods, should consider taking IAML (MSc INFR11182; UG INFR10069) instead.

Prospective students: Please work through the background material and self-test in the class notes, and look at the course selection guidance.

First class meeting: Online (and recorded), Monday 20 September, 16:10-17:00, (Zoom details).

Lecturers: Iain Murray and Arno Onken.

Activities: a timeline of links to everything you'll do in the class. Includes weekly meetings, in-person tutorials, assignments, and the exam.

Notes: the core material, supported by videos and questions. Keep up with these!

Forum: using Hypothesis, annotate and discuss any of the class materials.

Auditing the class: Only those taking the class for credit can take part in assessed activities, tutorials, or get work marked. We don't currently see any point in signing up for the class as class-only: any member of the University can access all of the class materials, including the live sessions, using a University login. If that changes, or your Personal Tutor or Supervisor agrees for any other reason, they can register you in Euclid as “class only”. They don’t need to obtain our permission.

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