Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (MLPR), Autumn 2022

Machine learning is about developing algorithms that adapt their behaviour to data, to provide useful representations or make predictions. This course is for those wanting to research and develop machine learning methods in future. Those who want a more practical course, focussing more on using methods, should consider taking AML instead. (More course selection advice.)

Week 2:  As always, please check the Activities. By now you should have checked the course is right for you, signed up for the Forum, and worked through the week 1 notes, and questions. Please try to keep up with the in-note questions, before tutorial and assignment work hits.

Lectures: Tue/Wed/Thu 20 Sep–24 Nov, 9–9:50am (Locations/Recordings).

Lecturers: Arno Onken, Iain Murray, and Antonio Vergari. Available Office Hours.

Activities: a timeline of links to everything you'll do in the class. Includes lectures, tutorials, assignments, and the exam.

Notes: the core material supported by questions. Keep up with these!

Forum: using Hypothesis, annotate and discuss any of the class materials.

Visiting students: see the visiting student FAQ.

Auditing the class: see the class-only FAQ.

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