MLPR feedback, Autumn 2024

You will get continuous feedback on your progress in several different ways. You will answer a lot of questions. Some of these provide immediate right/wrong feedback. Others will require reflection and discussion from you. Others will get written feedback from us.

It would be a mistake to only focus on what's asked. To do well in the class test, future weeks, and your future career, you should question all of the class material, discuss it with your peers, and discuss it on the class forum, and you'll get feedback on your understanding.

Although the class is large, you can talk with instructors on the class. Opportunities to get help will be advertised on the main page. We particularly like to meet groups of people who have already discussed their question.

We find it really useful to hear how we can improve the delivery of the course. Please feel free to contact lecturers directly with constructive criticism or suggestions. If you would like to send anonymous comments, send them via your year’s class reps, or in writing via the ITO. At the end of the course, please fill out the course questionnaire circulated by the university. BUT don't leave it until then to give us your feedback! Please email about any problems as soon as they arise.