MLPR assessments, Autumn 2020

This year, MLPR assessment has two components: weekly assessed tasks from Week 3 and a class test in week 8. The weekly assessed tasks will be weighted equally and form 80% of your mark. The class test will form 20% of your mark. There is no final exam this year (2020/2021 session).

Week 8 class test: The class test takes place in Week 8 on Monday 9 November 2020. You can answer the questions between Monday 10am UK time and Tuesday 10am UK time but it should be possible to complete it within 2 hours and you are advised not to spend much more time on it than that. The test is not part of the Week 8 assessed tasks and will form 20% of your mark. You can find the test on the class test page.

Weekly assessed tasks: The weekly assessed tasks include introductory questions in the notes (20% of the weekly mark), discussion group tasks (10% of the weekly mark) and assessed questions (70% of the weekly mark). For the introductory questions in the notes, you will get the marks if you made an honest attempt at answering the questions for the week. Getting some of the questions wrong will not affect your mark. For more details about each of these components and a suggested work pattern, see the course administration page in the notes.

Hard deadlines (UK time):

Friday 4 December is the end of the class.

This course does not permit extensions and any work submitted after the published deadline will receive a mark of zero. See the late work policy. Most students are ill or have a bad week at some point in the Semester, so we will drop the lowest-scoring hand-in from your average.

Good Scholarly Practice: Please remember the University requirements for all assessed work for credit, given here, and links from there. Furthermore, you are required to take reasonable measures to protect your assessed work from unauthorised access. For example, if you put any such work on a public repository then you must set access permissions appropriately (permitting access only to yourself). You may not publish your solutions after the deadline either.

The over-all mark will reflect the common marking scheme.

Those auditing the class as "class only" aren’t entitled to get their weekly assessed tasks marked. However, general feedback will be available after the deadlines.